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MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Upgraded to MacOs Big Sur and BT Virus protect in not functioning and updates fail.

BT Update:

Updates from BT can be found on page 30, post 299. Click on this link to read the most recent message:

BT’s latest update on this subject
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Big Sur

Have just updated my MacBook Air with the latest operating system, Big Sur. All was well until I found the BT Mcafee virus protection wasn't working. I downloaded the latest version from BT and installed it. All was fine until I reached the Firewall page and there it is stuck. It requests I give it permission to load but whatever I do it just goes around in a circle. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Upgraded to Big Sur - BT Virus Protect Issues

I've upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur - BT Virus Protect continually brings up pop up McAfee Alert about ' Allow us to continue your setup' Click Allow in Security & Privacy. I think everything has been done in Full Disk Access bu t I still get this message, is there anything else I'm supposed to do?  Really annoying as the pop up windows keep appearing.

I've tried re-installing and doing the update, I know there is an issue with Firewall on the McAfee website, Real Time Scanning won't turn on either.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I have exactly the same issue. spent hours on the phone last night. BT, told to call Apple. Called Apple, told to call Mcafee.

Mcafee wouldn't help as SW is via BT not direct from them, but the did say the only Mcafee version that will work with Big Sur is 4.10. BT are supplying

Trying to find somebody in BT who understands this and will take responsibility has so far been impossible.

Raise a complaint, the more who do this the BT may actually listen.


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Re: Upgraded to Big Sur - BT Virus Protect Issues

I have moved you onto the same thread so that any assistance regarding this can be easily found rather than having to be posted on each individual thread.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I've chatted with BT and they've put me on to McAfee, who I'm currently chatting with. I can see myself removing the BT Virus Protect until it's sorted

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Please see my post above..
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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Response from McAfee:

This is an ongoing issue with McAfee. Once we have a confirmation that the issue is resolved, you will receive an email with a Knowledge Base article that will contain the steps on how to resolve the issue.

If you don't want the pop up message, You can uninstall McAfee.

If you don't want that pop up message, you can uninstall McAfee and once you get the mail from McAfee, you can reinstall McAfee.


Keep losing connection with the McAfee agent


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BT virus protect

I’ve upgraded to Big Sur on my MacBook Pro and Mcafee keeps asking me to allow it to upgrade the software in Security & Privacy....I can’t see an option to actually allow Mcafee other than the general choice to allow downloads from approved sources etc etc....


I’ve reinstalled BT Virus Protect/Mcafee but the issue is the same....the software tells me everything has installed successfully, all checks passed ok but then this pop up window keeps appearing asking me to make the allow action......


Any help would be greatly appreciated.....I am thinking perhaps the prog isn’t compatible with Big Sur yet.....?

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

The McAfee agent on line last night told me the McAfee had updated the product and it was down to BT to update.

So frustrating, all the different messages from different companies.

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