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BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

Evening all,

Had BT full fibre 900 installed yesterday, all working fine with the supplied BT SmartHub 2 router.

Ideally, would like to replace with my own Netgear R9000, which has the latest version of DD-WRT installed.

Should note that the R9000 was working fine with previous ISP (TalkTalk) via FTTC / OpenReach modem.

Just wondering if anyone has been successful in getting the R9000 working with BT FTTP ?, and if so - anything special/specific which needs to be configured ?

Thanks, Vaughn.

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Re: BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

If you could be bothered to read the countless posts regarding third party routers, you would discover that all you need to do is enter the generic PPPoE credentials of username and password BT

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Re: BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

Probably should have mentioned that I have done quite a bit of reading up on here, and on the web in general - along with getting in touch with BT Tech Support.

Mixed messages from BT Tech Support, some say, some say and others, pretty much every combination has failed.

Have reset my R9000 back to DD-WRT factory defaults.

WAN is always

Was hoping I was doing something silly wrong, which tbh is likely to be the case 🙂

Thanks for the reply though.


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Re: BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

As @licquorice posted you need to use the username and any password in your Netgear   they are generic and not individual to you so just ignore what BT tech told you

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Re: BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

I thought it was generic, I'm currently using via PPPoE

Are there any other common settings which need to be set on a DD-WRT router ?

Are there any DD-WRT guides (official, or un-official) out there ?

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Re: BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

You can always try here. 

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Re: BT full fibre with Netgear R9000

Already on there, but thanks for the suggestion.

Have made some progress, it seems as if the implementation of PPPoE is not working on the Netgear R9000 when DD-WRT is installed. I ended up using PPPoE Dual, which then leased a WAN address successfully.

From what I can gather, PPPoE is working fine on the Netgear R9000 when Netgear firmware is running on it.

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