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BT wall socket

Hi  everyone!

We recently moved into a new home and registered our broadband with BT. In one of our bedrooms there's an unusual BT box by the wall. I unscrewed to see what could it be but I genuinely never seen something like this? (See pictures attached)

Is anyone able to shed a light on this?

Feel free to move the thread or suggest me to do so if not in the appropriate category!

Thank you



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Re: BT wall socket

Is your BT Broadband working properly, as that is just a junction box, probably joining the external incoming cable, to the internal wiring, usually if you phone line comes from a pole.

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Here is your picture, so all can see it.


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Re: BT wall socket


Thanks a lot for your quick reply, I have also updated my post accordingly.


My broadband is working properly. I was just wondering if I could use this box (maybe calling someone to fit a plug?) to have an ethernet connection in my bedroom as it's currently used as a working from home office... 🙂

I have the feeling this might be the cable that is coming from downstairs (this box looks positioned in line with my downstairs internet plug)

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Re: BT wall socket

No, you would not be able to use that cable. I suspect its the main incoming line. Does your phone line come from a pole?

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Re: BT wall socket

No, I don't think it comes from a pole. There isn't any pole near my house either

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Re: BT wall socket

@Skyflyer97 wrote:

No, I don't think it comes from a pole. There isn't any pole near my house either

I think you will just have to trace the cable. Its jus a bit odd that it looks like black external cable coming in.

See what others think.


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Re: BT wall socket

I think that may be an old ‘Redcare’ block terminal 92a, BT Redcare being a monitored alarm system that utilised the phone line , it was/is an ‘alarm by carrier’ system , not a dial up alarm, so  if the line was ‘cut’ the alarm was still raised ( as well as other types of activation ) , dialup alarms easily disabled just by cutting the line it was connected to , ( before mobiles )  presumably the OP’s property once had this type of alarm system 

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Re: BT wall socket

It does say BT 92a on the block terminal which iniltous correctly identified as as Redcar Block Terminal however other than a different cover this is identical to a BT80A. This is used to convert an incoming Dropwire from a pole to an internal type cable.

The Dropwire terminates under the screws and the internal cable in the IDC. 

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