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Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay

Hello all!

I am a brand new BT customer. 

On the 20th April I've ordered a Fibre 2 package with landline to be activated on the 30th, to coincide with my move in date.

30th April comes and goes and no broadband is working. Just blinking purple lights. Upon checking my open order status it now says that broadband activation is set for 6th May. I was not informed nor notified of this sudden move. I've even called up BT on the 30th  in the evening asking when it would activate and they positively said by 11.30pm...

Calling them today on the 1st they could not give me a reason whatsoever on why the sudden activation date change... they could only confirm that the date had changed and that is all. Completely unacceptable. 

Does anyone have any suggestions if this activation date will stick or should I go ahead and cancel and try my luck with a different provider?


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Re: Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay

Good luck, I had similar problems and I raised complaints after complaints and also asked for deadlock letter to come of the contract. As result me complaining and constant calls it took them 5 days to activate my connection. Please ensure that you are being compensated for inconvenience caused by them. Please do not accept just just £5 for each day they delay ask for more.
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Re: Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay

changing provider will just put you further back in openreach job queue so better to wait until 6/5 only couple of days and if still no activation then post back here and mods may be able to help find out why delay and problems

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Re: Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay

ahh well I raised a complaint. We'll see tomorrow if they manage to activate it and if not I'll give them another ring. So far the chat only promised some compensation which will appear on the first bill..

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Re: Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay

Hi @mick779  and welcome.

Thanks for posting. Sorry there's been a delay. Please let us know how things go. We're always happy to step in and help if needed.



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Re: Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay

Well we received an email and sms today at 6.50pm that our services should up and running and that the order is now complete. Unfortunately still no broadband and just blinking purple lights. The technical advisor on the phone said there is apparently a fault on the line and they will fix it by end of Tuesday the 11th...

Really poor start to this 2 year service. Making me very anxious about what I am getting into.

I asked to be also provided a 4g hub and the technical advisor said it will be with us on Monday. Not great either. Why was this 4g hub not offered earlier when they delayed the original activation date? My original complaint from the 1st of May is also not addressed...

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Re: Broadband Fibre 2 sudden activation delay


Just called them up again as I did not see any emails about the mini 4g hub being ordered.

After being passed around by 2 advisors the 3rd one confirmed this would not be possible. He did remark that he will contact the original technical support guy asking how he can arrange the mini hub. Quite a disaster so far. Did not expect to be spending time chasing my broadband to be up and running...

I am still scratching my head why the broadband was working before the original activation and then it stopped on the activation date...

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