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My broadband is usually 75Mbps down and 18Mbps up (infinity 2 as was). Recently it dropped out completely and after speaking with BT it came back but at only 62Mbps down and 18Mbps up. Line tests suggest the line is fine but only capable of 64Mbps down. During a previous outage, line tests suggested that my line was fine but only capable of 24Mbps. After a BT engineer visit (the line suddenly reset to 75Mbps before the engineer arrived), I was informed by the engineer that my line is capable of 80Mbps but I only get 75Mbps due to losses between my Master socket and Modem (several feet apart). Why when speaking with a BT adviser and explaining all of this am I only offered the chance of updating my contract and possibly getting a new modem to solve the issue. I have both my BT Homehub and a Netgear D7800 telling me at the 'test socket' that I'm only getting 62Mbps so why do I need a new modem?? Any suggestions as to which department I should send my complaint to??

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