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Bt TV Box Pro

Just upgraded to the VIP package and received the new Pro Box set up was easy and when I connect to my sound surrond system it does not give me sound surround. I went into settings and set audio to surround and message comes up saying in suurond mode, go back to watching tv and I get no surround sound. When I used my previous Bt TV Box i got surround sound. I called BT and they sent a engineer to look he connected up with his laptop but still could not get the surrond sound working so he reccommended I called BT and requested a replacement. I called BT and they said they could not send a replacement in the post so would send a engineer he came with new box and this did not work as well. The engineer thought this was a software problem and suggested I wait for a upgrade, he said he would report the problem. Has anyone else tried to connect to a AV receiver and not been able to get surround sound.

My Av receiver is a Sony STR-DN1080 with Dolby + and Dolby Atmos so there is nor reason why it should not work, I went for the VIP package as I was told the picture quality was exceptional (it is) and I would be immersed in sound which sold it to me so as you can imagine I am totally dissapointed.

Update:  Just tried it with a optical cable but still do not get surround sound.

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Re: Bt TV Box Pro


opposite here connected to denon avr and always displays surround sound and its not

appears to add a horrible fake sound to standard broadcasts

the old 4k box worked as it should when connected to the amp

so far very disappointed with this box

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Re: Bt TV Box Pro

@watttwo Hi Watttwo, yes, I have the same issue, as have others. It's been reported on another Pro Box thread.  Picture from box and new remote is good, sound is disppointing.

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Re: Bt TV Box Pro

@Graydee  Hi, have you managed to get any joy on the sound problem?   I had similar, engineer came out, agreed there is an issue, but didn't have a spare box to check hardware. He said he'd log a fault. That was the last I've heard. Getting fed up with the 'super' Pro Box now.

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Re: Bt TV Box Pro


I am just resigned to the fact that the old box I had use to let the receiver alter  a stereo broadcast to a pseudo 5.1 and output all speakers including the sub which gave that really good sound even if the box was set to surround. This new pro box does not do that as it does not output a signal that the receiver can use when it is set to surround unless the broadcast is in surround.  I have played a film from amazon in 5.1 through the pro box set to surround and you get true surround but any other programs you dont just awfulfront L&R speakers operating. I put sky sports on HD through the pro and the talking was in 5.1 but the match was not so when the game started it was a **bleep** sound. 

What I have ended up doing is that if I am wathing normal HD programs that do not have 5.1 I set pro to stereo but if the program is 5.1 then set to surround, this is not ideal and is a step backwards from BT.

Hope this makes sense.

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Re: Bt TV Box Pro

@Graydee  Thanks for the reply.  Yes, that's exactly the same conclusions I've come to. I do the same as you. Flip-flop between stereo/surround depending on source, which is slightly irritating. Even more so considering  my Apple 4k TV box adapts accordingly (brilliantly) to source picture (changes my TV to 4k/HDR/SD) and sound (1/2.0/5.1/Dolby) without intervention. As you say, it's a step backwards from BT's alleged  forward thinking box.

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Re: Bt TV Box Pro


Problem is that you cannot explain this to anyone in BT who could do something about it, both home techs who came to sort out problem were lost to the problem best one said was wait for a update and you can never get past the experts when you ring the helpline, so frustrating.