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Can I add another BT Hub?

I wonder has anyone been down this road before? We've recently upgraded to Fibre Halo 2 but have a problem connecting with our new Doorbell 3 when the hub is in certain positions upstairs.

The WiFi on my Mac has failed and I have to use an ethernet cable from my Hub. The phone socket, hub and Mac are in the same room and it all works fine.

My Doorbell 3 is a floor below, at some distance, and WiFi signal to this item is attenuated by intervening wall/floors. It works when I've relocated the hub downstairs closer to the Doorbell, and I've maintained my computer ethernet connection through BT's 600 broadband extender. It works OK but I think it's frustratingly slow at times.

If you've got this far - thank you for your forbearance. The question is please: what's the easiest solution please? Can I simply get another BT hub?

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Re: Can I add another BT Hub?

The simplest solution is to site the hub adjacent to the Ethernet connected Mac and then use a mini WiFi hotspot 600 kit adjacent to the doorbell

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Re: Can I add another BT Hub?

Hi Distinguished Sage - thanks for coming back quickly - much appreciated. I've tried your suggestion [I have a BT hotspot kit but not the one suggested] but it doesn't work. The issue now I think is that the Doorbell 3 device is too well shielded. It's only about 3m away but tucked in the corner of the porch in the right angle between 2 substantial brick walls. I've moved the hub back to be as close as possible to the Doorbell and it now works. My Mac is connected via the '600 Kit' using ethernet cables and works OK. If I'm missing something I'm always happy to be advised.
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