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Can’t Log-In PS4


I’ve just bought the Box Office for tonight’s UFC, and had to reset my password, since I reset my password I logged out on my PS4 and tried to log back in with the new password and it is telling me the password is wrong despite me being able to sign in with the same details on my phone app and on the website. Now it has locked my account for 15 minutes on the PS4 App, please help.

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Re: Can’t Log-In PS4

Hi Kev. As per my reply to the DM you sent me - the BT Sport and BT Sport Box Office apps are different. Box Office is provided to us by a 3rd party, and isn't integrated into BT Sport systems - the user ID for BT Sport Box Office isn't connected in any way to the user ID for BT Sport.
You therefore cannot use the BT Sport app on your PS4 to watch Box Office events.
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