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Fibre to the house

I notified my interest in fibre to the house about 1.5 years ago and lately I have noted that other houses on the road have fibre cables hung on the poles outside all the way along the street up to number 30

I live down a lane at 32b with several properties serviced through BT poles on farmland- my house is 800m from this main road and it appears fibre has been hung on 2 of the poles at the start of the lane but although number 30 can get FTTP , mine, 32b, cant- the fibre cables just have not been hung far enough down the lane yet but my questions are:

a) will openreach continue this roll out down the lane- although all poles are about 50m apart the distance between 2 ( after where the existing fibre appears to terminate) is about 130m ( the line runs underground just here but continues overhead thereafter)

b) given my previous expression of interest and reminder email just sent , will they be motivated to overcome this gap in overhead line connection ( either by installing a pole in between or by forcing the fibre through the underground ducting)

Is this a big job given they have come so far and I'm only getting 25mb with FTCC but need FTTP?

Can I find out the plans for continued roll out of FTTP down the lane through hanging the fibre on poles or will they abandon the investment because of the need ( assumed) to bridge a large span between poles

Thanks for advice in advance






I see a


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Re: Fibre to the house

Overhead Connectorised FTTP Cable comes in pre made lengths of 33m, 55m 105m, 160m and 350m.

Is the total distance from the Pole the CBT, aka FTTP DP is on more than 350m from your house, bear in mind you have to factor in the length it will need to go up and down poles, which are about 9m on average.

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Re: Fibre to the house

@Starwire  will likely answer this for you when he drops in.

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Re: Fibre to the house

this last pole up the road is 200m into the lane and is about 525m from the pole outside my houselast pole on lane with fibrelast pole on lane with fibre).

There are 8 intermediate poles between me and this pole all about 50m gap except the last interval which is 130m approx( bt line runs underground on these )

what puzzles me is that openreach have bothered at all to extend the fibre at all to the start of the lane as far as this pole which only connects to poles further down the lane so im thinking they intend to extend - see map below from google earth- distance is 526m marked yellow526m with 8 poles between526m with 8 poles between

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Re: Fibre to the house

having looked at the poles up the road with these fibre connector boxes and this last one 200m into the lane am I right in thinking that the fibre has been drooped across down to boxes rather than fed up from underground to service an overhead connection-am I reading this correctly?
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Re: Fibre to the house

That picture of the Telephone Pole doesn’t look like it has any Fibre Equipment/Cabling on it.

Looks like either 10 or 20 pair aerial cable and two Small Cap End Universal Clip Joints.

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Re: Fibre to the house

that looks just like the pole I am connected to and as @Starwire  says does not have FTTP. Just wish it did

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Re: Fibre to the house

yes I wasnt sure about these 2 clip joints on the pole and I may have been thinking that they had something to do with fibre

what led me down this mode of thinking was that they are new and redundant as all the properties on the lane already have phone connections - why add these now


they also are identical to the new clip joints on the poles outside properties on the road up to my lane which the dsl checker confirms as being able to have FTTP

in which case it may be that should one of these eligible properties choose to order FTTP the dsl checker confirms connection overhead so openreach would have to start installing the necessary fibre equipment on the pole not that it is installed already

so with availability up to number 30( 15 houses ) a line would be run independent of any clip joints to any of these houses from the aggregation node ?

or am i not picking up a cbt joint somewhere already installed?


thanks for your help- it is confusing - what are clip joints and why are there two added  on a pole already serving 4 properties ?



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Re: Fibre to the house

Connectorised FTTP Doesn’t use UCJ’s. Universal Clip Joints. 

As to why there’s a new one placed on the Pole in the picture I don’t know? Only the person(s) who put it on there probably know.

Also if the Pole had Fibre Equipment/Cabling on it there would be a small yellow hazard label on it saying, Caution Overhead Fibre.

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Re: Fibre to the house

thanks for your help- is the way forward to identify how the other 15 houses are being served by FTTP - at the end of the street is the fibre cabinet but I understand that this is not necessarily where the FTTP is drawn from?

could it be that should one of these houses order FTTP an installation of overhead fibre will start from the very beginning and only then put in a connectorised terminal in which csae I wont see it at present?

what are the chances of my argument that as the next house on the street I should be able to get it as well ( even if 800m down a lane  with 8 poles to make the ovrehead connection- one gap between which  which is 130m ?


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