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Complaint relating to Openreach

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I don't know if I'm posting to the right board, but I'm just so frustrated. Openreach have let me down and I don't know what to do. Here's my letter to the CEO at Sky, Dana Strong. This should explain things....


Hi Dana

I'm writing to you to see if you can sort out an issue that I seem to be having with the installation of my Sky Superfast Broadband. at xxxxx.
About ten days ago, I signed up to Sky and was told that my internet would be installed on Monday 27th. . Duly on this day an Openreach operative turned up, looked at the job, and then said he'd come back later that day with a colleague and a hoist. I need a device called an ONT to connect my router up to the system. 
He never came back.
He never let me know what the situation was.
I now know the issue is that you need to get a hoist. 
I don't have any date for when a hoist is going to become available. 
Now, I need you to have an insight into my world. 
I am severely disabled and I work from home.
I have very disfigured hands and find using technology difficult.  I have a specially designed desk at home to help me out. I'm currently at my parents in their spare room accessing their internet.  I'm causing myself an awful lot of pain and stress. using a desk and chair, which is totally unsuitable for my needs. 
My parents are away at the moment, but they are coming back today and might not want me in their spare room!!!
I also work for a national charity called AbilityNet(  as an Advice and Information Officer. I'm often asked to suggest good ISP's to go to. Having had this awful experience with Sky I'm not sure I'll be recommending you.  I'm super stressed because we're busy at work, and even more stressed as I don't have an internet connection at home. 
I only joined Sky because the last owners f the house had Sky internet. I'm beginning to think this was a massive mistake. I was a customer of Virgin (also NTL) for some 20 years and never had any issues like this.
I do realize that you are at the mercy of BT Openworld, but I wonder if you are able to escalate this complaint to someone senior in BT Openbworld to try and get a swift resolution.
May I remind you that Sky's motto is "Believe in Better".. I want to believe in better, but unfortunately at the moment, I am regretting moving from Virginmedia.
Does anyone know what the lead time is for getting a hoist out to a client?
thanks, Alex
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Re: Complaint relating to Openreach

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This is a BT Retail customer forum, and has no connection with Openreach,

You need to chase this up with your own provider who is Sky, as you are their customer.

Sky do have their own user forum, if you would like to post there.

Sky Help Forum - Help & Support from the Official Sky Forum

Openreach do not take direct complaints.



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Re: Complaint relating to Openreach

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this is a forum for BT Retail customer - there is NO link from this forum to openreach.  you need to pursue your problems with your ISP Sky

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