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Complaints and how to get resolved are

I have a fault with our broadband logged since 7/6. To cut along story short it took 5 missed 

appointments for an engineer to arrive last Friday 23/6 who undertook some work here but at the exchange was unable to complete the work as he stated that there was a problem with our profile and he needed the team from Bt to sort it out. Since then on a daily basis the fault tracking keeps putting back the estimated completion date and nobody can tell me what work is being done or indeed whether any work is being done.

I have spent many hours trying to get an answer online with the Facebook team with little resolution. There are constant promises for phone calls which never materialise. Disturbingly faults keep getting shut down as completed and then another opened with a different logged date and sometimes a different fault eg no phone line.

I have 2 questions

1. how do I escalate the complaint to get the fault resolved as clearly the people I am dealing with are unable to achieve this ?

2. why are the faults closed when there is no resolution and by whom ? If I am being cynical I would suggest that this is to massage the figures for Ofcom or senior management 





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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

which broadband package do you have - old style adsl or FTTC fibre to street cab and copper to home or FTTP fibre to your home?

do you have a working phone and provided not on digital voice can you try dialing 17070 option 2 should be silent and best with corded phone

I am assuming you are a BT broadband customer

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

We have a broadband package that is well out of contract so I it won’t be fibre . The telephone line is working just no broadband 

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

I’m not clear what dealing 17070 will do …. It seems to be a test of the phone line ?

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

The silent line test should be completely silent, any crackling or noise indicates a line fault which will affect broadband. Hence the test.

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

I have flagged your problem to the mods.

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

Dialing 17070 should also confirm the phone number ( check it’s the one you are expecting ) but if you have had an Openreach visit , presumably this will be OK .

What do the lights on your router indicate

If there is an issue with your account ( even if it’s a mistake and there shouldn’t be any issue ) then Openreach cannot ‘fix’ those type of issues , that could explain the faults being closed , in a way , although you experience this lack of broadband as a ‘fault’ , it may not be a  fault as such but some error in the way your account is being handled, the router lights may help here if they say you are connected but have no internet access.

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

I think that makes sense. The hub when restarted goes to flashing purple and then flashing orange . Our iPads /phones see the hub but there is no internet access. Would this be why the Open Reach engineer could not change a port out at the exchange and why he said there was something wrong with our “profile” ?

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Re: Complaints and how to get resolved are

Hi @Juliecarns and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry you're having problems and haven't received the call backs as expected. I can chase this up with our Facebook team and find out what's happening. I've sent you a message so check your inbox and drop me a reply with the details.




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