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Connect WiFi Disc to existing Home Hub Network

Just got a new Smarthub2 and with it a WiFi disc. The hub2 replaced an older hub that already had a network of wifi discs - this netwokr of discs had a different SSID than the original hub SSID. Once the hub2 was up and running all the existing wifi discs connect ok and all our home devices connected ok to the original SSID of the disc network. However the new wifi disc that came with the hub2 conencts only to the hub2, not the original disc network (I have added discs previously to the disc network with no problem). The instructions associated with the hub2 relate only to adding the wifi disc to the hub2, not an existing network of discs. Question: how can I force the new wifi disc to connect to the existing disc network SSID and not the hub2?

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Re: Connect WiFi Disc to existing Home Hub Network


You cannot connect the new black disc to your existing BT Whole Home System, its incompatible.

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