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Contacting BT call centres

Hi Everyone,

Being here when you need help is our first priority. But right now our call centres are very busy. So, if you just need to check your bill or manage your account please log in to My BT, and help us get to customers who need urgent help faster.

Rather than calling I would highly recommend that you post your question on the Community and give our members a chance to help you.  This means you will not have to wait to get through to us on the phone and the advice being shared with you may help someone else with the same query.

BT Help pages offers a huge number of articles which may help you find the answers to your question.  Use the search box to help you find useful articles.  You can reach our help pages from this link, BT Help 


Don't forget about the benefit of using MyBT

Don’t forget about the MyBT app and/or web portal.  The MyBT app allows you to do a great number of things including,

  • Check, download and pay your bill
  • View your usage for all BT products
  • View My Package
  • Track orders
  • Get help with your account:
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Complete Wi-Fi


Read more about how the MyBT app can help you from this link, Manage your account through the MyBT app or web portal 

If you are having problems with your broadband, then we have loads of members here on Community that can help you get to the bottom of any issue you may be having.  A lot of broadband issues can be resolved without the need of an engineer or even calling into BT. 

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