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DLM first 10 days

When joining a new isp, the line is ‘tested’ and speeds fluctuate to find the optimal speed. 

Say for example someone has the 76mbps package and their line is capable of 76mbps, what factors would see the speed drop? For example would constant disconnections of the internet as a result of no filter in extension sockets cause the speed to drop and then the optimal speed be set to below 76mbps? Would constantly resetting the router tell the DLM this speed is not stable for the line and lead to lower speeds? 

What are the profiles you can be set on as a result of line testing in the first 10 days? 

thank you 😊 

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Re: DLM first 10 days

if you have a stable connection then DLM will find best stable speed your line can handle however if you are constantly dropping connection and in addition resetting the router then the DLM will see that as an unstable connection and reduce speed and increase noise margin  if it continues your line will end up in banded profile

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Re: DLM first 10 days

If the DLM doesn't place you in a banded profile, what are the different types of profiles it can place you in? Is it called speed profile, stable profile?
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Re: DLM first 10 days

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Re: DLM first 10 days

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Re: DLM first 10 days

thank you sir
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