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DLM reset needed on ADSL line?

I've followed the forums for some time, but need to ask a common question - do I need to wait longer for DLM to notice my improved line, or will it "just happen"?

Background: I have an EO line, about 500m from the Exchange, even though most of my neighbours are on FTTC.  My line had to be switched at the pole by an Openreach engineer in December when I had connection dropping issues.  Since then I've taken a number of steps to improve my internal connection to the router - it is now on a 50cm shielded cable connected to an ADSL faceplate on the master socket.  My line attenuation is down to 13dbs and noise margin up to 18.5 downstream (and a quiet line test is absolutely quiet).

I'm only getting 14.34Mbps data rate, despite a maximum rate of 22564.  My IP Profile is resolutely stuck at 12.65Mbps.  I would hope, based on the line/margin figures, that I would be getting at least 3Mbps more.

After installing the faceplate 9 days ago, I'm asking to see whether this is likely to get automatically upgraded in the next day or so, or do I need to ask for a manual DLM reset?







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Re: DLM reset needed on ADSL line?

As it is an adsl connection and you have 9 days stable connection the forum mods can help reset your connection and get speed back to normal. Mods will post here

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Re: DLM reset needed on ADSL line?

Hi @ravenscot 

Welcome to the Community. 

I've sent you a private message asking for some details to help look into this for you.