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Deleting BT TV Pro Recordings

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Hi there.

We have had the Pro box for a while now and like it.  We don't record much, but this evening decided to do a little housekeeping of recordings we have watched.

The rub is, I can't quite see how to delete the programmes.  I had a look a the User Guide, but didn't find what I am looking for.

Can anyone help, please?

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Re: Deleting BT TV Pro Recordings

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Hi @MiracleMaud 

There are several ways - probably the most straightforward is to

go to home page  (home button on remote)

navigate down to Recordings & Watch List and then select MYTV+

that brings up the Recordings Watch List Scheduled  page

 navigate under Recordings to the tile of the recording and then press i(nfo) button on remote

if it is a single recording you will see the option to Delete  (so press Ok if you do wish to delete)

if it is a series  or group of recordings  you will see one of the programs in the series highlighted , if that is not the one you want then navigate left or right  until you do highlight the recording you do want , then press i(nfo)  and you will see the delete options.

Other methods include using the BT Tv app on a paired mobile device - and  recent recordings that are  still in the 10  programmes listed on  REcordings & Watchlist carousel on the Home page can be deleted by selecting the program tile and using the i(nfo) OR the Record button.


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Re: Deleting BT TV Pro Recordings

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Many thanks Zulu.

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Re: Deleting BT TV Pro Recordings

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I just upgraded from an older BT 4K box to the Pro and noticed they've removed the DELETE button from the new Bluetooth remote.

The R (record) button now acts as DELETE too which is odd but is fine. No mention of that in the graphic below from the PDF userguide.

I did keep using my old remote for a few hours but the Bluetooth remote works very quickly in comparison.


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