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Digital Voice Adapter

I installed our first digital voice adapter several months ago and it works fine.  When BT finally received in additional DVA stock, I purchased a second DVA to be used in another room of the house. I paired the device to the hub without any issues. However, when I lift the receiver I can hear the dial tone but there is significant line interference.  I switched my original DVA with the new DVA and there was  no interference on the line. I have tried several different permutations of connections and in each case the new DVA has a dial tone but also line interference; the original DVA has a clear dial tone. I have reached the conclusion that the second DVA has a fault and plan to return it to the BT Shop unless someone had a similar problem and can help me fix it.

Many thanks!

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Re: Digital Voice Adapter

Hi @Labrador1 and welcome to our community.

Sorry you're having problems with the second DVA. It sounds like you've done as much as you can to check this and if it's still not right my guess would be it's faulty so you should return for a replacement.



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Re: Digital Voice Adapter

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply and guidance. I will let you know if that was the problem.

Best regards