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Digital Voice Switch Over

Within the last few days I received a letter from BT announcing their intention of supplying me with 'Digital Voice service' and that  I will be notified of the 'Switch Over Day' soon.

My current set up, of which I have had no problems whatsoever is:

BThub 6

FTTP @ 50mbps

Copper landline with DECT telephone.

I have a 'Smart TV' connected.

A Ring Doorbell

2 Laptop computers

Apart from a monthly automatic 'system check' to my 'Careline Medical Provider' I do not use the landline phone and rely on a mobile phone with O2.

I am an OAP and have limited 'technical expertise' dealing with changes such as this and I am completely happy with my current set up and wish to stay with BT.


My query is do I have to accept BT's offer of changing to Digital Voice considering I almost do not use the landline?

Is it obligatory as I have no need or desire to change?

What are my options?

I would prefer to remain with the status quo.


Thanking you in advance.

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Re: Digital Voice Switch Over

When the switchover date happens, plug your existing phone into the back of the Smart Hub 2, there's a small sticker covering it, that's it.
Your phone plugs into the hub instead of the master socket, everything else continues as normal.

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Re: Digital Voice Switch Over


This page should help

Any existing devices that use the phone line, can either be plugged into the phone socket on the new Smart Hub 2 that you will be supplied with, or they can be connected to a free digital voice adapter that BT will supply, which links back to the Smart Hub 2.

There is no option to retain your existing analogue  phone connection, as the exchange equipment is being turned off.


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Re: Digital Voice Switch Over

I see you mention careline, you will need to contact whoever provides you your careline/telecare service to inform them that you are about to move onto a internet based digital phone line service so they can upgrade the unit to ensure it's compatible.