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Digital Voice and copper line

We have full fibre 500 and currently have the fibre line and copper line coming into our house. Next week we are being switched to Digital Voice, if I ask for the old copper line to be removed after we are switched over, will I be charged?

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Re: Digital Voice and copper line

It’ll have to be done via a Drop Wire Shift. Think they cost something like £130 give or take for the first 90 mins of work and then some more, again not sure how much exactly for anything over that. Also if it’s a two man job I think you have to pay double.

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Re: Digital Voice and copper line

Thanks for the reply, oh that's a shame as I thought they would want to remove the old copper line as part of the shift to new technology (one less bit of legacy network to remove later on).  I might try call BT, last time I tried the waiting time was ridiculous so I gave up.

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