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Re: Digital Voice service

James: presumably you can get a mobile signal and a fully charged mobile at all times? If i have to rely on 02 i may as well use 2 cans and a piece of string. Personally i could probably cope in the event of a power cut and a subsequent emergency but it isn’t just me i have to consider. I won’t burden you with the story but it’s not as straight forward as you seem to imagine. I’m quite tech savvy and certainly embrace advances in technology. This has a drawback that will only affect a few people and i am in that group.
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Re: Digital Voice service

@ChrisGee   In an emergency call to 999 your mobile phone can use EE, Vodafone, 3 and O2. I do not believe for a second you can't get a signal on all 4 networks on your home, during a power failure while having an emergency

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Re: Digital Voice service

Just to clarify it is NOT the copper network closing down in 2025 it is only the PSTN network. Basically the telephone exchanges that that routes the calls around. 

The copper network will be retired after the PSTN switch off. 

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Re: Digital Voice service

@licquorice  I’m pleased that you haven’t had to call the emergency services during a power cut. Long may this continue.  It doesn’t mean that nobody has been in this situation. 
@jamesbuchanan66  You are right.  The use of the 999 service will be across networks.  However there are a significant number of areas where any signal from any network is at best unreliable.  

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Re: Digital Voice service

@jamesbuchanan66  James. Please read my comment again. You and some others seem to imagine that i’m being a wuss. Let me assure you that if it was only me that was involved i wouldn’t have an issue. Some of us have others to consider and aren’t free agents who can deal with emergencies without drama. What i will say is don’t judge everyones situation from your own point of view. 

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Re: Digital Voice service

@liquorice. That would be when my wife fell whilst i was trying to get her to the bathroom in the dark due to one of our regular power cuts. Why the belligerent attitude Liquorice? We aren’t all free agents to just look after ourselves. If power cuts / access to emergency assistance isn’t an issue for you then that’s great. For you.
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Re: Digital Voice service

Hi All, please keep your posts friendly.



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Re: Digital Voice service

Storm Arwen: Third night of no power for thousands


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Re: Digital Voice service

Storm Arwen took out not only the power to my house but also the cellphone tower. This left us with the old plug in phone which worked BUT when we change over to Digital Voice (shortly judging by the letters and Smart Hub 2 arrival) the landline will die leaving us with no contact with the outside world. Even calling the emergency power line number to find out when the power might come back will be impossible. 

A one hour battery back up would not have helped, this time we were off for over 36 hours. 

I think we will have to look for an emergency power supply!