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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

Power cuts are a common occurrence, not where I live , power cuts are more common ( in some areas ) than landline faults , possibly, but a power cut on its own doesn’t signal disaster, the ‘ vulnerable’ person would have to be experiencing a power cut, have no mobile signal , would have to have exhausted the UPS supply and be in need of contacting the emergency service, the hysterical comments of some would suggest this is happening all the time, the likelihood  being it’s going to be an incredibly rare occurrence.

Whats the alternative ?, mandate that Openreach keep the copper network alongside a fibre network for those Luddites that feel endangered, would those people be prepared to pay the costs of this , I suspect they would expect not to have to pay more than anyone else, effectively being  subsidised by everyone else paying for two networks , 

Finally ( and I’m not being facetious ) if there are people who are so seriously in need of being able , at any second , to contact the emergency services , then living in a remote location ( and the only areas that are likely to experience multiple power outages are remote areas ) then perhaps they are not living in the most appropriate area , given their medical needs.
Even with traditional line, no doubt calling a ambulance ( for example ) , the wait for it to arrive will be longer to than if they lived in an area that wasn’t susceptible to power outages, yet these vulnerable people chose to live with that risk.

I have no problem with those that chose to live in a remote location, but it comes with disadvantages as well as advantages ,

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

I really don’t follow your reasoning. The reason many people retain their landline is precisely because it still works when there is a power cut. I have confirmed this with three of my friends who have been able to use a landline when they couldn’t use their cell phone during a power cut. It seems that this is not the first time this issue has come up. So instead of trying to tell me I’m wrong, you need to realise that this issue has been raised with BT and Ofcom by others. 

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

@Slem  Although you're flogging a dead horse I get what you're saying about DV. What I don't understand are your references to being unable to use a cellphone (usually called a mobile in the UK) during a power cut. What stops you?

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

That's the bit I'm having difficulty with.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

What stops me is no dial tone. My friends know this issue too. Perhaps during a power cut the cell towers are affected. Although I have no technical knowledge of these things, my ears are fully operational and I do understand when I have no dialtone I can’t make calls.. Happened during both power cuts experienced recently.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

Dial tone on a mobile???

I suspect you are confusing cordless phones with mobile phones.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

Mobiles don’t have a dial tone. 

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

One could lay the blame solely with the power companies, but after a major storm, which we had recently, there was a heck of a lot trees downed as well as other things which are normally solidly in place. I believe  the power crews were out working as fast as they could and my power wasn’t out as long as some. Being without power I can manage for a certain amount of time, but being without communications in such a situation worries me, so I think much of the solution must rest with BT.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

I’m not that stupid. I have an iPhone.

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Re: Digital voice and power cuts.

Really, so why are you expecting dial tone on it?