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Digital voice query

Hi again

I’ve read FAQs, but still a bit confused.

We have FTTP with BT.

1. Is the current DV roll out predicated on having FTTP or just having SH2?

2. If we keep our existing cordless phones, will the main unit have to be plugged directly into SH2? (Ie only new models work wirelessly)

3. Is there a charge for the various handsets rolled out with DV?

4. Will we be contacted or can we precipitate the move?

Our from wall looks like a combination of a pin cushion and dart board. (FTTP modem, copper wire, Sky and Freeview coax) Would we be able to lose the copper wire when converted to DV 




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Re: Digital voice query

I can't answer all your question but here goes.

If you want to keep the main unit (presumably an answering machine) then you will have to plug it in to the SH2. However DV comes with 1571 enabled at no extra charge and I was able to de-register my old handsets from the base unit and register them with the SH2 

Yes and No. You can purchase the first handset online with a 100% discount. In other words you have to "purchase" it and the discount is applied at checkout and there is no delivery cost.

You can delay the move if you have certain equipment which is incompatible with DV (medical alarms etc)

Yes I have removed the copper wire from my house

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Re: Digital voice query

Cheers. V helpful. Only thing I’m not clear on is process. Ie, can we precipitate or have to wait to be contacted?

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Re: Digital voice query

I don't think you can pre-empt it but in my case there was no more than 2 or 3 weeks between me being informed of the impending change and the implementation.

According to you do need FTTP

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Re: Digital voice query

Noted. Thanks again 

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Re: Digital voice query

Sorry to ask, but do you currently have the BT DV service? An Advanced DV handset (or 2 DV Essentials handsets) come with the service with the option to buy more if you require. Your existing DECT cordless phones should work fine. Just plug the DECT base unit into the Hub 2.
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Re: Digital voice query


No, don’t have service. One of my questions was how we might precipitate accessing the service.

Sorry, not sure what DECT means in this context.

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Re: Digital voice query


My understanding is that the DV service is currently being offered to new customers or those renewing their contracts if the service is available.  I've had Digital Voice since participating in the trial in 2019 and really like it.  A few snags at the beginning and this year but all sorted out now and I still like it because call features that I used to pay for are now included in the DV service.

Prior to 2019 I was on the old copper service and just had a Gigaset DECT system so I could make and take all around the house.  It worked well and still does with DV (but you cannot transfer calls from BT DV handsets to the DECT handsets). Have a look here but just let me know if you have any queries:  DECT: Everything you need to know in 2019 | Gigaset



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Re: Digital voice query

Ok I’ll take a look.


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Re: Digital voice query

@RIC9380 BT currently offer 3 essential handsets rather than 2 for free. There are two advanced handsets, one with Alexa and one without. 

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