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Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

Hi everyone. 

I wonder if this is "normal", or there is something wrong on my end, which I doubt. Every night, between 12AM and 3AM my internet just disconnects for 1-2minutes. Router light goes orange.

This hapens regularly at pretty much same time , so I was thinking maybe it is some kind of maintenance or I don't even know what. Whatever it is - it is quite frustrating, cause it happens when I'm gaming.

Any ideas?

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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

Hi, @mov3on welcome to the community, no that's not normal.

As it's happening around the same time every night it sounds like a possible SHINE (Single High-level Impulse Noise Event) problem, to put it simply this happens when there's a burst of electrical interference that knocks out the connection. 

Do you have anything on a timer like central heating that is turning on or off at that time?



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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

No, nothing like that. I only have my monitors and headphones amplifier/dac near it, which is turned on 24/7.
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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

Mine does this, too.

Last night at 2AM it went off for a few minutes.

It has been doing this for years and at random times, usually late at night.

I reported it as a fault and was told that it was "normal" for the hub to reboot every so often.

I searched this forum and it seems it's not an uncommon issue.

Some people seem to have solved the issue by replacing the BT hub with a different make.


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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

Good to know I'm not the only one. Yes, last night it happened to me too, AGAIN. Really annoying.

Have you tried a different router? Also I wonder if internet won't go down after changing the mac adress. 

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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

Curiously, ever since I posted about the problem it has gone away!

My stats show I've been connected continuously for 6 Days, 11 Hours 55 Minutes . In the past this was never more than 24 hours. I wonder what has changed?


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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

A different modem is not help. I'm using an Asus DSL-AC88U and I still have the drops, always in the evening ( around midnight) and when I'm gaming. It's really annoying considering that I'm working from home and for the whole day I don't experience any drop. I raised a complain and they have run some random test on the line and they have no idea what it might be. This is very frustrating.

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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

They don't know what it might be?

Considering the amount of cases and the fact it isn't fixed yet - they simply don't care. Or maybe it's time to hire the actual specialists, which could figure out "what it might be".

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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

My impression is that they check the physical line ( SNR, attenuation), run a couple of speedtest and that's it. Today I got a technician from BT (after the third times I reopened the complaint), she run some tests, first with my own modem (Asus DSL-AC88U) and then with the BT HUB. Eventually she was said she wasn't seeing any problem and these are just random drops. After me telling her that these are not random drops (too many people, same time window) we agreed that I'll use the BT hub for a week and if the drop happens I need to reset the modem and not turn off/on. Apparently this would help to  diagnose the issue. I'm not really hopeful.

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Re: Disconnects every night. Frustrating.

And... the problem is back. Connection dropped at 1AM.

Same symptoms as before (Hub appears to reboot itself).

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