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Re: Discord images being blocked

Hi Matt. All now seems to be resolved since Friday evening. It would be good to understand what was done to resolve this issue. Many thanks to you and all the other mods and community members for there help and assistance in highlighting and resolving this issue.
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Re: Discord images being blocked

Hi everyone

I don’t know about anyone else but my problem appears to have been rectified now. 
I turned Web Protect off for about 10 minutes and then turned it back on. Probably a coincidence but not long after that all was back up working again 

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Re: Discord images being blocked

I haven't altered any settings on anything but the problem seems to be resolved, all OK now.

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Re: Discord images being blocked

Hi Kevin. It was fixed on Friday evening. I found it to look like a Web Protect issue that was blocking images. The BT network team were engaged and investigating and was resolved Friday evening. I have not had any problems since then.
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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

Good day Mr. John, 

Please teach me how to block discord? Ive tried parental control but it doesnt work. I decide to do this regarding my daughter concern.

Thank you so much for your kind support n understanding.

Your sincerely

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