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Done up like a kipper while trying to get a 5G sim card?

 So, I renewed my mobile sim only contract a while back and was on a 5G plan according to MY BT. But my sim card is a couple of years or so old, so I contacted the BT Twitter team first of all to ask if I can get a replacement sim that is 5G compatible. They gave me a number to call which I duly did. 

 I got through to an "enthusiastic" young lady who insisted I needed to renew my contract for everything! in order to switch to a mobile 5G plan and keep the discount. I was ok with renewing as some of it was up soon-ish anyway. Low and behold several days later, no new sim card. 

 I call them back and a guy makes me go through the whole rigamarole of renewing my BB contract in order to "keep your mobile discount" and this time says he is sending me a new sim for sure. Still no sign of a new sim. My "track orders" page shows everything as "complete" and my mobile contract as having a "sim card regrade", which I have no idea about the meaning of.

 So sat here waiting once again for a sim card that seems to be a no show. I contacted the Twitter team again who gave me some flannel about me switching to a 5G plan and so needing a new contract. Despite me also telling them that my mobile package was already 5G and I just wanted to make sure I had a blummin' compatible sim card.

I can't help feeling that they stitched me up and had me renew everything (BB, Mobile, Sky Sports, Second SKY box sports) and have no clue how to just send me a new sim. I should have just damaged mine and told them it wasn't working and I needed a new one! 

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Re: Done up like a kipper while trying to get a 5G sim card?

In MyBT there is a button to click on where you can order a replacement SIM card.

Log on, Your Products>Manage Mobile>Settings> Order a replacement SIM
If you’ve got a new phone or lost your SIM, we’ll send you a new one for free.
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Re: Done up like a kipper while trying to get a 5G sim card?

Sadly that section on My BT has been broken for me for ages now. It always just says "service not available" when it tries to load up that section.

 I'm beginning to think no one knows the actual answer at BT. Some of them tell me I need a new sim, some of them tell me that my sim just needs "activating", some tell me I MUST renew my contract first, despite my mobile contract ending in a week or so and is already a 5G plan.

 It has been absolutely ridiculous trying to get such a simple matter sorted with them. Appreciate the reply mate 🙂 

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Re: Done up like a kipper while trying to get a 5G sim card?

I had this problem. Clear all bt cookies and cached browser data and it will work for you. 

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Re: Done up like a kipper while trying to get a 5G sim card?

You don't need a new a new SIM get get 5G but you do need to be on a 5G tariff and for BT to enable it in the back end. There's a couple if threads in here about it.

This SIM card is over 2 years old and I get great 5G coverage when I'm in the city.

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