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Downgrading Broadband account

Hi all

Im looking for some help/guidance in downgrading my mothers current broadband package.  Shes currently on Broadband Unlimited package and is out of the 2yr contract.  With that, it goes from £32.99 a month to £40.99 a month.  Shes 85 and doesnt need to be paying that much for something she doesnt use that much.

So with that in mind, I was looking at the Fibre Essentials package for £26.99 a month.  Tried going through the checkout and it fails and just offers more expensive packages.  Tried going through the account and that only offers upgrades, which are again more expensive.

So how does one downgrade to a cheaper package?

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Re: Downgrading Broadband account

as an existing customer you cannot get he offers which you see for new customers

phone 0800800030 as they are dealing with renewals and see what you can negotiate to renew the contract

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Re: Downgrading Broadband account

If your mother doesn't use her broadband much it may be that she would benefit from downgrading to the BT Basic package if she qualifies for it.

See link.

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