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Download Speed Dropped by Over Half

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I've been signed up to the top broadband package for about 15 years, ever since FTTC was available in my area (Buckinghamshire). For years we got 45Mbps Down 7Mbps Up without any issues.

A couple years back we started getting issues with latency shooting up into the hundreds when streaming (Twitch, Youtube, Netflix etc) many threads on the issues in the forum, I swapped to a 3rd party router to allow me to restrict devices and it was manageable but still frustrating.

I started noticing things were 10x worse recently and I got wondering what might be causing it so did some testing

download speed.png

This is my speed now it seems, my stayfast is 21Mbps and I haven't hit over 18 for about 3 months, yet I'm still paying £55 a month for Broadband and calls


BT wholesale Broadband checker still says the cabinet can do 45 but apparently the max observed speed is only 20 and I haven't even hit that (I was getting 45Mbps 3 months ago, I'm about 100 metres from said exchange, my contract ran out about the same time this started happening and the pessimist in me thinks that's conveniently timed...

I'm completely fed up to be perfectly honest any help would be appreciated, sick to death of not being able to download at my old speed


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Re: Download Speed Dropped by Over Half

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Hi @saltyrodney welcome back to the community and thanks for posting your router stats, I'm really sorry you're not getting the minimum guaranteed download speeds and I would like to apologise for the delay getting back to you. We'll be happy to run further tests and if needs be get a fault reported for you.

I'll send you a private message so you can send over your details to the moderation team. You'll get the message by clicking on the envelope in the top right of the community.



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Re: Download Speed Dropped by Over Half

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connection time very short was that due to hub dropping connection or manual reset?

can you try quiet line test by dialing 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

have you tried using test socket with filter to see if that improves your connection by eliminating faceplate and internal wiring

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Re: Download Speed Dropped by Over Half

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Neil0 contacted me and arranged for an engineer visit today. He immediately found a fault off site and fixed it within 2 hours, my speed is back to normal and I'm absolutely ecstatic

Thanks for the help!!

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Re: Download Speed Dropped by Over Half

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@saltyrodney Brilliant, I'm glad the engineer got you sorted. Thanks for keeping the thread updated.