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Re: Download speeds for an "upgrade" and fibre are just as slow as my currrent BT internet

Hi @pauloh65  thank you for posting your line's BT Broadband Availability Checker result. 

I was in exactly the same position as you, connected to FTTC analogue phone and digital ISP with slow download speed of 20 Mbps, with similar BT Broadband Availability Checker result.  

Working from home, I watched Openreach install full fibre to the local telegraph pole.  Openreach are now a separate organisation from BT getting on for two years, the BT logo does not appear on their most recent vehicles. However Openreach continues to be wholesale, not retail. This means that an ISP (maybe BT) has to order the full fibre connection to your house, so you get FTTP. Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband service providers | Openreach

The difficulty is that the corporate Openreach record keeping of full fibre upgrades is erratic. So I asked corporate Openreach when full fibre will be deployed so I can ask ISP to provide FTTP. Corporate Openreach replied saying there were no plans to provide full fibre next year. Availability Checker Enquiry | Openreach

ISP web pages said that FTTP was not available, contrary to me seeing full fibre on local telegraph pole and neighbour getting FTTP at start of October 2021 (last month). 

So I phoned BT Sales, and they passed me to BT Technical Support - both saying there was no local full fibre. So I said, I am looking at full fibre on my local telegraph pole and it is live. So BT Technical Support put the FTTP order in and Openreach 1st and 2nd Stage installation were completed towards end of October 2021.  The small ONT modem is currently checking what speeds can be delivered. BT Full Fibre 100 is currently delivering 150 Mbps download, and 30 Mbps upload for £30 per month. 

The moral of my story is seeing is believing. Have a look around for full fibre underground from local cabinet (not FTTC) or overhead full fibre on the telegraph pole.  If there is local provision, neighbours having Openreach Customer Service Point (CSP) box on their house, put your ISP FTTP order in and Openreach will visit to survey and confirm 1st Stage installation (or not).  Openreach will provide 1st Stage installation only if you agree to the installation on your property. 

Hope that this information is useful. Kind regards. 

What’s Involved in an Openreach FTTP Full-Fibre Broadband Installation? | Increase Broadband Speed

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