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Emails not sending from iphone with wi-fi on



I have been having problems sending emails from my iphone with wi-wi on, if I disconnect wifi they will send, I can send emails from the PC web email without problem. I have deleted the email account several times and followed guidance from regarding how to set up a new account. However I still have the same problem, when trying to send I get the message "the user name of password for  email account is incorrect. I have checked both incoming and outgoing server details several times, deleted and readded info to ensure it is the same however the problem still persists.


Does anyone have a fix for this please?

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Re: Emails not sending from iphone with wi-fi on


I had an issue recently with one of my email accounts doing similar when retrieving emails using the Apple Mail app. Mine was an issue with Outlook email which I finally resolved by using the Outlook app.

Not sure it was anything to do with wifi being on though as I really only retrieved emails at home.

Does this seem similar?

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Re: Emails not sending from iphone with wi-fi on

@Fitzgeraldsteve Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're having problems sending email when on wifi, does this happen on every wifi connection or just one in particular?



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Re: Emails not sending from iphone with wi-fi on

Hi, I have only tried on the wi-fi at home however I have a surface pro working on the same wi-fi that I have managed to set up email and it works perfectly 

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