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Engineer visit

So annoyed with BT now... we moved into our (new build) property in 2016, and had nothing but issues! We ended up taking our phone out as the line was terrible, and the engineers couldn’t fix it, and now our broadband is on the blink, randomly dropping out, especially noticeable in the evenings and weekends, when we obviously need it most!

anyway... I lodged a complaint as I couldn’t get in touch with anyone, and got a phone call a few days later, booking me in for an engineer visit today (7/6/21) 8am-1pm. I booked it in the morning as I’m busy after 3pm. I waited in all morning, then managed to get through on the live chat (amazingly!) where I asked, and they told me that he’d already been, doing external work. (I was very suspicious about that!)

About 30mins after my live chat, I got the email saying that the engineer is on his way... I have to leave dead on 3pm to do the school run, and run errands that I originally planned to do this morning!

where do I stand if I’m not in when he finally decides to turn up? Annoyed doesn’t even come close to how I feel right now, if I could switch to a company that doesn’t use the BT line, I would. Extremely poor service for £45 a month!

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Re: Engineer visit


Welcome to this user forum.

If your phone line was noisy, then that would be the reason your broadband is dropping out. A nosy phone line will upset any broadband connection.

Plug the phone back in, and see if you still get the noise. If you do, then it needs to be reported as a noisy phone line.

Most providers, apart from Virgin Media, use the Openreach copper network, so if there is a fault on the line, it will be the same with any provider that uses that connection.


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