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Engineers haven’t shown up 4 days in a row!

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I had a fault back in October that resolved itself so cancelled the engineer. 9 days ago my broadband went off. I used the text service and a fault was detected and an engineer booked for 8am in the coming Friday. I checked the fault tracker and the old October fault was reopened and the eng appointment attached to that old fault. The engineer never showed up, I called bt and an advisor said something about it being an old fault stuck in a loop so he wasn’t surprised an engineer never showed. He couldn’t close off the fault. He spoke to outsource engineers and advised another engineer booked for the Monday. I had my doubts but was assured an engineer would come this time after I called over the weekend due to my concerns. No one came. I called and tried to explain the issue to another advisor who said issue had been escalated and someone would come Tuesday. No one came! Someone was supposed to come again today and no one came. No advisors seem to know how to solve this issue. Spoke to a guy today and was on phone for over two hours. He at least managed to close off the old fault. But when he tried to open a new one and book an engineer it’s linked to the old October fault again. He was at a loss as to what to do. Engineer booked for tomorrow but will one come? Unlikely. Why can’t bt overide this old fault? I need an engineer. No broadband since Tuesday last week! Really hoping someone has some ideas?

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Re: Engineers haven’t shown up 4 days in a row!

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Hi @Lexfiles welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry about the delay getting back to you. It sounds like you've had a nightmare trying to get an engineer to visit and I'm so sorry about the issues you've encountered. Did the engineer turn up yesterday?



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Re: Engineers haven’t shown up 4 days in a row!

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Hi NeilO,

Thanks for the reply. One didn't turn up on the 14th, but I was knew they weren't going to!  Wife straight on the phone to BT again and we started the process again. Got through to a manager who eventually managed to set up a new fault with a new fault ref.  Couldn't get an engineer for the 15th so had to wait until Monday 18th, always with a nagging feeling no one would show.

They did turn up! In fact, two engineers came (what do they say about busses?).  All fixed now, as I knew it would be once an engineer showed.

It was like we were stuck in a groundhog day of broadband faults.  It just seemed crazy that we had to speak to so many people and no one knew how to solve it.

Everyone I spoke to was great though in terms of customer service, I know they were all doing there best and working with the information in front of them.

I was just getting really desperate and feeling like it would never get resolved.

All's well that ends well.


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