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Error BBV3 on britbox App

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The message BBV3  comes up when trying to play any content on britbox - All other Apps work fine - Exact Message


"BBV3: This device encountered a problem while playing the video. Please try switching the device off and on and restarting the application"

I thought I had fixed this via a factory reset in maintenance mode - See this thread BBV3

However the error reappeared the next day and despite resetting again it still continually appears.

Any suggestions appreciated.

BT TV Box Pro Sagemcom RTIW387 - Software Ver Manufacturer 0.5.116 Component 4.0.194 (2b8617)

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Re: Error BBV3 on britbox App

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Well looking at BritBox UK twitter account Yesterday 24 March they posted about some issues

🛠 Service update

We’re aware that some users are having difficultly accessing BritBox this evening.

Our team are working hard to fix this, thank you for your patience!

There is also a thread on the Youview community of recent Britbox issues


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Re: Error BBV3 on britbox App

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Hi @zulu17 Thanks for the feedback but this wasn't the issue. I have however now fixed the problem thanks to your feedback on another thread that I found scouring the community this morning see link here Solution 

This prompted me to check the HDMI display input settings on the BT TV Pro box. During set up it must default to a UHD 50fps 8bit assuming that I have a UHD display. This works fine for other apps for some reason such as Netflix but not for britbox? I only have a HD 1080p TV, so I set the HDMI display input to 1080p and it works fine. I reverted in back to check, and it stops working. In the settings the HDMI Display input shows “Incompatible Setting” when set to UHD. I’m not sure why this is the case with britbox because the other apps seem to be backwards compatible with the UHD setting. Not sure if this is a BT TV problem or britbox  problem but now works fine set to 1080p.

I'm sure I wont be the only person experiencing this problem so hopefully this solution may help others too.

Best Regards and thanks for your support.

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