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FTTH Install - Good Experience

Not sure if this is the right forum, but today had FTTH installed. 

Booked it around 5 weeks ago. Had the ability to input any 'quirks' about our home, and where I would like the installation of the router to be situated. Oddly received a Smart Hub2 to replace my (errrr) Smart Hub2 - which are different if you have FTTH instead of standard BB? One of the connection ports is coloured red (not yellow) for the FTTH connection.

Engineer phoned round 30 minutes before arriving. Showed him where I wanted the internal modem/router to be located (upstairs) - not a problem. He set about his business, and ran a wire up the wall externally (following other wiring) into the house through an existing access hole into the master socket upstairs.

Overall the install took around an hour and a half - think I was offline around 45 minutes during the process. 

Felt I needed to post this, as 'we' are always bashing BT/Openreach - but in this case had a good experience.

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Re: FTTH Install - Good Experience

Always good to hear a success story as the majority who come to the forum do so because of a problem.

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Re: FTTH Install - Good Experience

Yep - know it's early days in terms of the install and monitoring of speed (hopefully shouldn't drop as FTTH) but I was quite impressed. Openreach engineer didn't stop - from start to finish - and when he arrived it was a simple question - where do you want your router? Hour and a bit later - done.

Thankyou BT/Openreach.

For anyone contemplating - you do need a spare power socket close by. A new box is installed internally to a fixed position (in addition to the 'normal' phone socket box), so you won't be able to swap and change between phone line ports as you could before, so you need to be certain where you want it to go. The FTTH line connects into this, and then on to a Smart Hub - which provides a normal connection as before to all your devices.


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Re: FTTH Install - Good Experience

FTTP. (I'm a purist). 🤣

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Re: FTTH Install - Good Experience


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