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FTTP 900 - New install

Hey Guys



Just got my order in today and given a date of the 20th for an engineer visit and telling you I can't wait is an understatement!. 



I have a few questions though - I was told by the advisor on the phone when I ordered that when the engineer arrived a new ONT box will be installed in my house next to my current master socket. 



We didnt request a landline with our order as we don't use a house phone. We are renovating the property and it would appear that there was significant damage to the phone line in the house right to the master socket, cables exposed everywhere. My question being is that does the new ONT require anything from the master socket or do we even need this now as its a monstrosity to put it politely we were really hoping the new ONT could have been put in a cupboard next in the hall at the front of the property out of the way.

Can we ask the engineer to put it in the cupboard when he arrives? It would be significantly easier aswell opossed to feeding the fibre cable through multiple walls to where the mastersocket is.






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Re: FTTP 900 - New install

Yes, you can ask the engineer to install the ONT in the cupboard for you. It doesn't need to be sited anywhere near the master socket, the two are totally independent.

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Re: FTTP 900 - New install

Technically if it’s done by the book on a Standard Install the ONT is supposed to go next to the existing NTE or if there is no mains power by the NTE it’s supposed to then go next to the nearest mains power outlet to the NTE.

As Pippincp said though it can pretty much go anywhere within reason and you’ll find most Openreach Engineers are quite accommodating. Contractors on the over hand though aren’t and usually insist it goes on an external facing wall closest to where the CSP is as they are on price work and can’t afford to be running cables here there and everywhere.

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