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FTTP Installation Location

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone can help me clarify something with my upcoming full fibre installation...

Is the ONT always installed where the current master socket is located? My master socket is on an interior wall with only one plug socket available (I understand two are required). I can easily modify this to a two gang socket if needed, but it doesn't seem like a very easy part of the house to access if they need to run new cabling to it, which they presumably do. 

If there is no benefit to having the ONT where the old master socket was, would it be a better job to install it on an exterior wall so the cabling can just come straight through the wall from the box outside?

I don't have any free 2 gang sockets on my exterior wall, so either way I will need to add more sockets - I'm just trying to figure out the best place to do so before I start cutting holes in my dry wall to accommodate them.


Many thanks in advance.

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Re: FTTP Installation Location

As FTTP has no connection to your existing copper service it can be situated wherever you wish.

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Re: FTTP Installation Location

As part of the, ‘Basic Installation’ Process the Engineer is technically supposed to fit the ONT next to or as near to the existing NTE as possible.

Most don’t follow this and will usually fit it where you want within reason and or what’s easier for them as fitting it next to the NTE would a lot of the time be more time consuming/complex than locating it somewhere else.

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Re: FTTP Installation Location

In my case the Openreach engineer used the existing copper cable in the master socket to pull in the fibre cable via underground duct from the street.

he tied the FFTP fibre (which was a dual cable having copper wire for phone) on the outside (street end) then gave a massive pull to the old copper wire on the master socket to pull in the new cable. It suited me to put the ONT near the master socket, but I guess the internal FTTP wiring could have been extended if needed.

So I have the master socket still operational. The copper cable (part of dual FTTP cable) is connected to the Master socket. The phone works through copper. The actual fibre part cable comes out of master socket (just below it actually) and to the ONT.

I found all this most elegant of solutions i.e. no drilling elsewhere.  The whole FTTP installation was done in one visit. in about 30 minutes !!







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Re: FTTP Installation Location

Engineers aren’t supposed to use the Copper Pair in the Hybrid Cable if it goes through UG Ducting.

The Copper section on the cable isn’t greased filled so therefore shouldn’t be used if it’s underground, it’s only meant to be used when Overhead.

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