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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

No he's not, its the bloody stupid system that's wrong.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

Well I think it sounds like both are wrong. 
he thought he was doing a good thing and I’m sure BT should really be able to bring it forward.

seems I’ll have to call an engineer out anyway as whatever they have done fitting the fibre has totally messed up my normal internet and it’s dropping every few minutes... it’s impossible to play a game online without it glitching.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

Contrary to popular belief bringing an FTTP Activation Date forward isn’t as easy as just pressing a button.

I’ve tried to have it done before and it wasn’t possible without without cancelling the majority of the Flow Activities and starting the whole process again, which requires Profile Builds to be done BT Consumer, Wholesale and Openreach. The whole thing would take 24+ hours and would mean taking X amount of people off what they’re doing to now, which would probably mean other Customers Orders are delayed.

Maybe one day in the future it will be as easy as pushing a button but until then all the gung ho Engineers out there need to learn their place and stop giving EU’s false information.

I see it all the time from some of them, especially the older ones, ‘Oh yeah just ring BT, they’ll do this, they’ll do that, they’ll send you this, they’ll send you that and if they don’t they’re lying’.

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