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FTTP & Telegraph Pole


I have just moved into a new house, its a single new developed one, and in my garden approx 2m from the front door is a telegraph pole with "Caution overhead Fibre" on a yellow sticker, this looks fairly new the sticker does. Now when I check the order BT broadband it gives me only superfast 1,  does this sticker signify its going to get me able to order FTTP is my query.

I have attached a photo of the top bit if that helps, it seems I can order superfast 1 but would not want to be tied into a contract with that if I can get FTTP which is the goal here, 3 kids hungry for internet and currently I'm providing it on a 4g EE SIM which cant go on forever.

Any Help gratefully received ?

20210705_130647 (1).jpg

Many thanks


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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

The sticker merely indicates the presence of the fibre cable which could be a leased line for business or a supply to a different area, it does not signify availability for you.

As to Superfast 1 you wouldn't be locked into a contract if FTTP did arrive for you, you would be able to upgrade to FTTP and start a new contract, providing you stay with your provider.

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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

Thank you for answering, so if this is a leased line as there are no businesses nearby anything to stop me being able to get one of those in on the same route ?
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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

If you have about £10,000 to spare and don't mind paying around £100 (or more) a month then certainly, not from BT though.

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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

Hi @kevinroy welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Can you post the results from this availability checker and we'll take a look?

Make sure to remove your address/telephone number from the results. 



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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

Hi NeilO ,

Picture as below, I do have the pole number etc if that helps.


Many thanks


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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

As you can see from the checker result, I'm afraid FTTP isn't available to you.

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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

Hi yes it does say that at the bottom, but it also says FTTPoD is available, is this still a thing and can I get that then, and how do I go about doing that ?

Just seems weird that the pole has a caution overhead fibre warning sticker on it, when there are only 3 houses connected to that pole and no businesses and all older residents, and it stops at my address the two cables heading north from the picture go into a couple of senior aged peoples houses thats the lot.

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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

FTTPoD is an extremely expensive roduct aimed mainly at businesses. Construction costs can be in the tens of thousands of pounds.

I'm not sure why there is a fibre label on the pole as the picture you posted doesn't appear to show any fibre cables.

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Re: FTTP & Telegraph Pole

That Box on top of the Pole is for FTTP but not Openreaches FTTP.

It’ll belongs to an Alt Net Provider using something called PIA, Physical Infrastructure Access. 

I’ve seen pictures of that type of Block used by an Alt Network Provider called TOOB. They are based in the South of England.