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FTTP missed appointment

On January 6th I placed an order for FTTP as soon as I found it was available.

We are a family of two adults working from home with 2 kids and the unreliable FTTC was not cutting it. I had waited years for FTTP to arrive.

I took the day off work for my afternoon appointment. By 3.30pm things were not looking good and when I called BT I was told the appointment was not on their system. This was after receiving 3 texts from BT and 3 texts from Openreach to confirm the appointment.

I assumed it would be rescheduled the following working day, but on the phone I was given a date 3 weeks later. My account now shows no open orders and I have received no further communication. My online account had an open complaint, with no information filled in.

I tried calling today but after a long time on hold had to give up. 

I hoped that over the years the cuastomer service from BT would have improved. Does anyone from BT respond to messages on these forums? All I want is my install so that we can work and home-school.

Many thanks in advance


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Re: FTTP missed appointment

You'll have to ring the FTTP team, here's the direct number which should avoid the queues. 0800 587 4787


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Re: FTTP missed appointment

We ordered FTTP on 21st December and had this installed 2 weeks or so ago. 

We had 4 failed/missed appointments a mix of Kelly’s and OR, each time called and each time got comp of £25.

As we didn’t have a current connection (or one that was over 30Mbps) we were a ‘priority’. We also got £5 a day for each of the 35 or so days of delay. As we were also working from home we were offered a goodwill payment of £30 for phone tethering.

The only thing I can say is call each day and you will get somewhere in terms of the dates on the order don’t pay any attention to these as ours was saying April for quite a while. 

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Re: FTTP missed appointment

4 missed appointments is shocking! I was also told we were priority, but the date given was about 3 weeks away from original missed appointment.

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Re: FTTP missed appointment

I don`t know what OpenReach are doing but I`m not impressed. On 1st January 2021 I ordered FTTP and BT TV to my home. I was given a date of 12th February for the installation (I`m new to BT - I`m with EE (also a BT company)), and on the 10th February the hub, plus BT TV box and mini connectors arrived by post. On 12th February an engineer arrived, looked at the house, and the pole containing the fibre termination opposite my house, and decided he couldn`t do the installation. A few days later I received an Email indicating that the new date of installation was 7th May. In their adverts they say 2 weeks max. for new customers NOT 4 MONTHS !! What`s gone wrong?


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Re: FTTP missed appointment

Give the FTTP team a ring.

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Re: FTTP missed appointment

The FTTP team have been very helpful each time I have spoken to them. Unfortunately the delay for me seems to be an Openreach backlog. I have a new install date of 11th March and I really hope they turn up this time.
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Re: FTTP missed appointment

Openreach do have a backlog due to this.

2021-01-13 18_39_37-Covid-19 update - Covid 19 ultrafast process brief 06 January 2021.pdf – Mozilla.png

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Re: FTTP missed appointment

Yes, maybe so, but I ordered FTTP on 1st January - 5 days before they issued this notice. !!

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Re: FTTP missed appointment

Openreach announcement does not say anything about when you ordered just that from 6th January this is what is going to happen regarding installations

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