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FTTP telegraph pole

Recently noticed all the poles in my street have received the FTTP upgrade (and verified its availability on BT's checker)

However the pole that services my house doesn't have it, it does have this notice however the hand written details have been washed away by rain,


It does also seem all the surrounding streets have been upgraded, is there anyway to check when/if the pole that services my house is getting upgraded?

Alternatively a pole that has been upgraded is actually closer to my house then the pole that does service my house, any possibilities here?

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Re: FTTP telegraph pole

if BT customer enter phone number and post results

see what options it shows for you

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Re: FTTP telegraph pole

That’s just a Poling Notice that Openreach are legally obliged to put on all newly erected Poles, be it brand new or to replace an old/defective one. The notice bears no information as to what furniture will go on the Pole.

Ref to the CBT’s for FTTP. They won’t necessarily be put on or needed on every Telephone Pole. The Connectorised Cable for FTTP comes in pre cut lengths starting at 33m and go right up to 350m. 

Chances are that Telephone your house connects to is just a Carrier Pole and the CBT associated with your NAD Key is on the main Distribution Pole the Carrier Pole is associated with.

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