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Fibre BroadBand not been connected after 6 month of placing order

Hi, placed my order for fibre broadband for my new build house in January and told BT that I would be ready for connection end of February/March.  The first time an engineer came out on the 1st  of March he told me that there was no fibre outside my property and that it would need to be transferred from down the road which was fine and I understood.  A few weeks later BT rang saying that the fibre was ready outside my property on the pole and ready to connect.  A few days later an engineer came out who said the fibre wasn't there and that id required a new pole to be placed on the front of my drive in order for the height to be sufficient for the cable coming from the otherwise of the road for cars/lorrys which is around 6 metres I believe.  BT rang saying the process would take around 8-12 weeks to erect the pole which the end date would have been 25th of June.  On the 23rd of June I received a phone call from BT saying that it had been delayed until the 5th as the pole still hadn't of been erected.  On the 30th of June a new pole was erected but not outside my drive but the neighbours next door around 20 metres away from my drive.  In order for the able to go from that pole to my house it would cut through the drive of my neighbour which I think is fair for them.  5th of July BT engineer came out who installed all of the interior work ready for fibre said that if I don't want the cable going across the neighbours drive I would have to wait for a new pole to be installed or for the one that they've placed to be moved.  Again on the phone to BT who again have messed up have said I have to wait until open reach get back to them but after speaking to the openreach engineer he thinks it will be around 4/6 weeks before they come back to resolve the issue with the pole.  BT have offered £5 everyday it is delayed. So since the 1st of March I am looking at around £600 of compensation but tbh id rather have fibre installed and pay for it.  They have provided me a 4g wifi mini hub which in all honesty is garbage.  Would anyone know on how to push them to get this done sooner? 

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