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Fibre Halo 1

I am also confused between published and actual speeds achieved.

On my package, when I log onto my account, states 'normal speed' download 22/24mbs and upload 6/7 mbs.

On BT website halo 1 advertised as 18/33mbs and upload 5/7mbs.

I run regular speed check after recent faults and consistently download now around 12.1mbs and upload 3.4mbs. After the last repair had improved to download 15/16mbs and upload 5.5/6mbs but has now again tailed off in speeds achieved very disappointing. Two parts to the fault corroded contacts at the top of the telegraph pole and loose connection in the comms box at the top of Hart Road, seems a previous engineer had knocked our connector again (yes previously done same fault) causing slow speeds and regular drop outs.

BT claim to consistently monitor and have found they do not proactively contact their customer, if they have identified any fault, only raising a complaint seems to work to get action.

We are on the old copper lines in Byfleet the 'splitter' to fibre is in the comms box some distance from our home and on the BT wall box in our home. 

Trying to find out when fibre cable will be installed by BT round the village is nigh on impossible. Virgin currently have the lead in the village for all fibre speeds they deliver are significantly better and am considering switching.

Any thoughts or comment will be appreciated.




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Re: Fibre Halo 1

Halo is just an add on benefits package not a technology, I assume you are on a Fibre 1 product.

Can you post the line stats from your hub and a screenshot of the DSL checker results, edit your number from the screenshot before posting.

BT don't provide the fibre, Openreach do.

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Re: Fibre Halo 1

Bear in mind that all speeds quoted by BT are connection speeds at your router/hub and not download speeds at your device 

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