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Fibre Installs

Hey Folks,

I live in Randalstown, NI and I have noticed the last few weeks and even today BT Openreach have been in manholes working with Fibre Splitters / DP's and Agg Nodes.  I am wondering if anyone either publicly or privately confirm when the area will be switched on?  I know many parts of the town have Fibre Termination blocks on telephone poles already but any postcode / cabinet check yields that these areas arent yet switched on.

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Re: Fibre Installs

Only Openreach know the answer to that.

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Re: Fibre Installs

Shame Openreach are the least transparent company on the face of this earth then.

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Re: Fibre Installs

They are not a public facing company so don't have to be.

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Re: Fibre Installs

Pretty sure taking billions in government money makes them effectively a publicly accountable company.

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Re: Fibre Installs

Openreach are a Wholesaler. For the NI Funded Fibre you should contact your local Council was they’ll have a Community Representative or something similar. 

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Re: Fibre Installs

I am in Lurgan, we got a letter about 3 weeks ago from BT confirming that we could order FTTP. 

All being well, its being fitted this Friday morning. 

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Re: Fibre Installs

Just out of curiosity when you track your order is your engineer appointment still listed as provisional?

I completed my order on the 6th and it states it can take up to 5 working days to confirm an appointment and they'd be in touch.  According to the order as of yesterday the first engineer appointment for the external work was the 25th which has changed today to the 26th and the other appointment for the internal work is the 4th of September which is listed as confirmed but also as a provisional date awaiting approval.

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Re: Fibre Installs

Yep, my appointment is confirmed. 

It has never changed since I got the date on the day I placed the order. 

I got an email from BT yesterday reminding me of the times they would be arriving (between 1-6pm). I am guessing they will be here for a few hours as they have quite a bit of work to do. 

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Re: Fibre Installs

I also got another email this morning confirming (for the third time) that the engineer is coming tomorrow between 1-6pm. 

Hopefully more than one engineer is coming and they are doing more than is listed below, as they are supposed to be digging a hole, finding and clearing a blockage in the cable duct + drilling a hole in my wall!!


What's on your engineer's to-do list?

Your engineer will:

  • upgrade your master phone socket
  • set up your broadband
  • connect a device of your choice
  • show off your incredible new broadband speed. 


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