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Flexible TV packages clarification

Looking at

and looking at BT consumer price guide

both issued 12 November.

I am  looking for clarity on what flexible TV packages are currently available.  more are listed as current options in the Consumer price guide.

Also for those existing customers who have a flexible TV contract from before 12 November  can they flex to the older (NETFLIX not in bundle)  packages or if they wish to the newer  (NETFLIX  in bundle) variants of the flexible packages.

The consumer price guide also gives prices for Sport and Big Sport bundles that include NETFLIX which don’t seem to be in the newsroom release.



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Re: Flexible TV packages clarification

I have to admit, when I saw this online, I thought this is a great enhancement to the entertainment packages. Then I realised that they will all become more expensive…

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Re: Flexible TV packages clarification

Hi @zulu17, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

The flexible packages listed in both links are correct. These are: Entertainment, Big Ent, Sport, Big Sport, and VIP. The additional two which are listed in the Consumer Price guide (Sport and Essential) are for copper customers, therefore aren’t flexible.

You can only purchase an Ent bundle with Netflix. 

I hope this helps.



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Re: Flexible TV packages clarification

There are 8 Flexible packages in the Consumer Prioce Guide  , 5 in the news release.

These are the five mentioned in the news release Entertainment, Big Ent, Sport, Big Sport, and VIP.

The other 3 flexible packages are listed as

Entertainment, without NetFlix included

Sport with Netflix basic included

Big Sport with Netflix  basic included

All are listed in the current  TV Package section so that would suggest that all 8 flexible packages are open for sale although the guidance  you have received suggests that Entertainment, without NetFlix included  is no longer available for new sale and that Sport  with Netflix basic included  AND Big Sport with Netflix  basic included packages may be obtained by exercising a flex option.

For those on pre 12 Nov packages  I am still unclear as to which flexible packages they can flex onto  - eg one example if  on Big Entertainment (pre 12 Nov)  and they wanted to flex down  to Entertasinment ( is there an option to flex to either Entetainment without Netflix or to Entertainment with Netflix  or is only one option open to them ?

The way it is presented in the Consumer Price Guide would imply that you would be able to flex to any of the 8 listed flexible options . If that is not the intention then I do feel it should be made clear what is and isn't  possible.

(The non flexible current packages for copper broadband are not relevant to the discussion)