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Full Fiber Cable Upgrade - Existing Customer

I decided to upgrade to full fibre recently and placed my order at the start of the month, I'm now on visit number 3 and the work has still not been completed, the contractors (MJ Quinn) who came initially to do the work decided ladder access was a problem and that a Cherry Picker would be required, no problem with that and 100% understand the engineers safety is paramount, job re booked for today, engineer turned up today, nice chap, decided as well as the order picker the job needed scaffolding alternatively, they can run the cable clipped to the perimeter of my house which in my opinion will look a real pigs ear, I want the new fiber to be a direct replacement for the existing copper line which was installed by BT years ago, it's to the gable end of a semi detached house with a small sloping roof extension causing the Krypton factor access debate.

The engineer called his boss who told him to tell me it would be £1000 for the scaffolding or I could do it this point the poor engineer was getting a bit stressed so I didn't push it.

I've just been thinking I've been a BT customer for over 30 years, am I being unreasonable expecting them to use some temporary scaffold tower access and sort the job properly?

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Re: Full Fiber Cable Upgrade - Existing Customer

If it’s a sloping roof then they wouldn’t be able to use scaffolding. 

If a Hoist can’t get to it then really they just need to put up a new O/H Fibre Drop Wire to they can safely access it with ladders.

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