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G Fast briefly dropping connection a few times a day

I moved house a few weeks ago and ever since we have been having issues with our broadband dropping, briefly, but a few times every day. I've had open reach out a couple of times and they have replaced some of the line between the house and the cabinet and that improved speeds a fair bit but didn't help the issue with the connection dropping out. It is relatively brief, usually only a minute or so, but extremely annoying as it takes time for the hub to reconnect and often disrupts my work calls. It's not the wifi dropping but the hub itself which goes orange indicating a lack of connection. It usually only happens a couple of times a day (that I'm aware of) but there have been a couple of days where it was happening much more (6-7 times). I have read that the smart hubs are quite sensitive to line interruptions so was mulling over buying a better router but I was wondering if anyone had any other possible thoughts.  Hub statistics below:

Product nameBT Smart Hub 2
Fireware versionv0.26.04.04227-BT (Thu Apr 22 11:37:40 2021)
Board versionR01
GUI version1.74 12_11_2020
DSL uptime0 days 15 Hours 21 Mins 50 Secs
Data rate44.0 Mbps / 244.6 Mbps
Maximum Data rate44.8 Mbps / 254.8 Mbps
Noise margin3.0/3.5
Line attenuation0.0/36.1
Signal attenuation0.0/36.1
VLAN id101
Upstream error controlOff
Downstream error controlOff
Data sent / received797.1 MB Uploaded / 2.1 GB Downloaded
BT Wi-FiActive
2.4 GHz wireless channelSmart (Channel11)
5 GHz wireless channelSmart (Channel36)
Wireless SecurityWPA2 (Recommanded)
Wireless modeMode 1
MAC address18:82:8C:C5:57:0F
Software variant-
Boot loader 0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)
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Re: G Fast briefly dropping connection a few times a day

Having just experienced another blip and looking in the logs it seems that this it the event around the correct time:

10:52:37, 21 Jul.
ARP [add] br0(wds1.4.1) 34:7d:f6:92:33:bc

10:52:34, 21 Jul.

WHW INFO A station STA(34:7D:F6:92:33:BC) leave WHW infrastructure

10:52:33, 21 Jul.

ARP [add] br0(wl0) 82:60:c9:39:eb:68

10:52:28, 21 Jul.
WHW INFO A station (Smart Hub 2)IF[5G](18:82:8C:C5:57:11):STA(82:60:C9:39:EB:68)(Legacy Device) join WHW infrastructure
10:52:28, 21 Jul.
WHW INFO A station STA(82:60:C9:39:EB:68) leave WHW infrastructure

10:52:07, 21 Jul.

WHW INFO A station (Landing)IF[2.4G](18:82:8C:70:E4:05):STA(82:60:C9:39:EB:68) join WHW infrastructure
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Re: G Fast briefly dropping connection a few times a day

They are whole home disc wifi events, not the line dropping.

If you do consider a third party router, bear in mind your choice is extremely limited for G.Fast capable devices.

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