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Got fibre in my area, but 'cabinet is full'

Have just moved into my new flat and have been told by all providers that I can't get broadband faster than 7-10Mbs.

BT have told me that there is fibre in my area but there is none available due to my 'cabinet' being full.

Because of Covid I now work from home full time and need as fast internet as possible as I download footage and edit/upload videos on an hourly basis! Right now at my partner's place, 8-10 minutes away I am working off almost 200Mbs speed and it is perfect for my work.

Does anyone know if there is any way in which you can monitor your area's cabinet to find out when fibre becomes available? 

It feels so punishing and impossible that I am now left with being able to get 70(ish)Mbs speed broadband but simply cannot because 'they're all taken'.

Would appreciate any tips/help at all as am feeling pretty helpless with no idea what to do.

Thank you.

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Re: Got fibre in my area, but 'cabinet is full'

Unfortunately, all you can do is regularly check the checker and order as soon as VDSL is shown as available

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Re: Got fibre in my area, but 'cabinet is full'

Not much you can do apart from check and when the FTTC (cab) changes from ‘waiting list’ to ‘available’ get your order in, it could be that others in the same situation are doing the same , and they could get in before you ( that assuming that it’s a single port becoming free due to someone giving up their port , by moving address, or other reasons, going ‘mobile’ only), etc.
If Openreach are providing more capacity ( adding new ports or another cab ) then more than one port at a time may become available
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