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Re: Help with a friends faulty line


OK, so not true then?

I couldn't see how it would be true - considering how much money Openreach are pouring in to building their FTTP network, for it to only last 10 years!

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Re: Help with a friends faulty line

A quick google suggests at least 10 and perhaps 40. I suppose it depends how it is protected.
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Re: Help with a friends faulty line



Even 40 years does not seem that long compared with how long some copper cables have been in the ground and still working?

I'm wondering if the reality is that external fibre optic cables haven't been around for long enough to be able to accurately calculate their expected lifespan? (I am aware that research into fibre optics began in the 1960's and 70's, though I don't think practical deployment was realistic until the 1980's?).

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Re: Help with a friends faulty line

I don't know if this could be taken any further, but it seems that BT are behaving very badly.

My friend escalated the problem and claimed that the automatic compensation should have been applied.

The issue went to the ombudsman who declared that she was entitled to the compensation.

However, BT have now appealed that decision, claiming that they were covered by the Major Service Outage, when it has been proved that her line isn't within the affected area.

They also state that just because a customer doesn't use her phone, it doesn't mean it was out of service.

And they also claim that she used a "third party engineer" which I assume could well be one of the moderators trying to deal with this issue.

Aside from contact BBC's watchdog programme, and other suggestions please?

Thanks in anticipation,



In addition, they have claimed that she also used a private 

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Re: Help with a friends faulty line

Hi @Oldtimer1 

Thank you for posting back.

I am sorry for the confusion about if your friend is entitled to Automatic Compensation due to the recent service fault.  We'll be able to double check from here and confirm exactly what the situation is.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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