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Help with setting up digital voice telephone

I have been sent a couple of phones. I've got one working okay. I have various other phones that stopped working until I plug them directly into the back of the hub. I'm led to believe that there are settings that I can enable that will allow me to plug them back into the sockets on the wall. Also, I've also been told that I can make a call on a second telephone while somebody is using the handset. I think that is probably already set up because when somebody rings and we pick up the handset I can't transfer the call onto my regular telephone. That is quite irritating. I've got to get them to call back if I want to talk to them on my wired phone. Is there a way around this?

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Re: Help with setting up digital voice telephone

The way your telephone service has now changed to be carried over the Internet via your Broadband Router, in this case the Smart Hub 2. This change is due to the analogue PSTN network closing down and by 2025 all of the UK will have their telephone service via the Internet. 

This does mean that your landline handsets need to be connected to the Smart Hub 2 by either:

  • Using the dedicated Digital Voice handsets which connect via DECT to the Smart Hub 2
  • Using a Digital Voice adapter to connect your non Digital Voice handsets and base station to the Smart Hub 2 via DECT
  • Connect your current non Digital Voice base station to the green phone port on the back of the Smart Hub 2

There is also a  way to re-rewire your extension sockets to connect to the green phone port on the back of the Smart Hub 2. This needs to be done in carefully and if your broadband is via FTTC or ADSL it's advised not to touch the main incoming connection: