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High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

You are describing the exact same issue that I have been trying to resolve here for the last 3 months!

I have been on BT ADSL / FTTC for years and have worked from home since 2018. During the first part of lock down we had two home workers (one using an IP phone), home schooling via Google Class and simultaneous box set streaming via Netfilix / Disney etc with no issues. 3 months ago the same problem started to occur, long ping times, loss of data transfer speeds and packet loss.

So far BT have replaced my router, reset the line / port, had an OpenReach engineer and had a new line  / socket physically connected from the road into the house.

Today (after I complained) BT Retail ordered another OpenReach engineer who went through everything  including moving me onto the best / newest port available in the cabinet. The engineer saw the issue on his own equipment and has stated as far as OpenReach are concerned, my connection is 100% - perfect. There is no physical infrastructure issue, the line tests and shows a negotiated 28mbps connection but the throughput is impacted (performance)  - it is the ISP BT at fault here.

I am about to launch a second complaint - I believe the issues are purely down to how they handle traffic through the BT network. Simply put, it is a case of admit a fault, fix it or I leave. I know the OpenReach infrastructure is fine so it is about finding an ISP who handle the traffic properly.

I'll try to update any significant progress.

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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

Hi @romchip,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post. I have moved your post onto its own thread so it's easier for us to help you.

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing high latency and slow throughput speeds.

Could you post a screenshot from Ping Plotter as it would be interesting and helpful to see whereabouts on the network the latency starts?

Please do the Ping Plotter tests on a wired connection.

Look forward to hearing back from you.


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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

Hi Matt.

I appreciate you taking the time to view my post.

Just to confirm as I stated the router negotiates the expected line speed for the connection:


but as per this small sample from Monday, this is the problem I experience throughout the day BUT it is not consistent, the performance drops in and out:



and this very second when I test:


but that won't last...

I'll get ping plotter examples to.

(oh & it really makes no difference if my connection is wired or wireless  - it is just a s bad either way)


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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

When using pingplotter for diagnosis is does matter that it is a wired connection and not wireless.

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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

running the tests now - I'll let it run over a longer period but here are initial to Google (MacBook, Wifi disabled, wired (2m cable) connection)





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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

The longer version:



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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

Open for comment - does anyone dispute that the issue (as shown in the attached) is caused by congestion at the point my connection enter as the BT ISP network. Essentially - there is nothing wrong with my line but rather the service being provided by my ISP's infrastructure? 

This was conducted via a wired connection. There was no streaming / downloading occurring during the test. As well as the test device, there were two active devices (office laptops) using web tools and collecting Outlook mail.

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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

This fella had a similar issue with throughput, it was congestion. I don' think congestion is flagged as a fault since it's a limitation of the existing infrastructure that would require investment to resolve on a large scale. Persistence can get results though.

According to ofcom speed estimates at point of sale must now reflect peak time performance. It's not just the rate the hubs connected at. 


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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

Adding additional data for my BT communication (over 95% packet loss entering the BT network):

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Re: High Ping and Slow Internet Speeds

Quick line test as I do most mornings that demonstrates the issue in two simple screenshots taken 15 secs apart with absolutely no change in my network environment (just pressed AGAIN):

first capture at 0915first capture at 0915...15 seconds later...15 seconds later

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