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How many black disks can you have?

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Hi guys. 

ok I have full fibre halo 3 package & I got the 3 black disks included in the package. 

I have used all 3 disks around the house & they are all connected to the smart hub 2 via Ethernet.

I have added a 4th disk to my network which is in an outbuilding we use as a gamesroom/gym again this is connected to the network via Ethernet it’s too far away from main house to pick up a strong WiFi signal. 

since I’ve added the 4th disk I have noticed in the app that 3 of the disks will show devices connected to them but always 1 of them shows 0 devices connected & it’s always between the same 2 that do this & whichever one is showing 0 devices the devices right next to it will not connect to it for instance. 

if I am right next to the disk with my iPhone I can see it has 2 bars of wifi connectivity when I check in the app my iPhone is connected to the main hub which as I move closer to it gives me 3 full bars. Usually if I am right next to the disk if I turn the wifi on my phone off for a minute then back on again it then connects to the wifi disk I’m closest to but since I added the 4th disc if in the app the disk is showing 0 devices connected & I try to connect to that disk using the method I explained even when I’m right next to it I cannot get it to connect to that disk. 
Sorry it’s a long explanation hopefully I have explained this so everyone can understand my set up. 

I didn’t get the 4th disk from BT I bought it second hand but it is the same as the 3 disks I got from BT  so there shouldn’t be any compatibly issues & I set it up the same way as the other 3 disks.

With the smart hub 2 Is 3 black disks the maximum you can have on your network or is the issue because the disk was not sent to me via BT? 
Thanks in advance. 

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Re: How many black disks can you have?

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Hi @InTheBox, thanks for posting. I've had a look around the forum to see what I could find out for you about this.

Have a look at This Post and the setup may support up to 6 discs.



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Re: How many black disks can you have?

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Hi John. 
Sorry I didn’t know I got a reply you don’t get an e mail notification when you do. 

thank you for that he does say up to 6 so My 4 shouldn’t be a problem. 

I still get the problem so there must be something else going on it might be a case I have to set them all up again. 

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